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Odonata Field Checklists

Each link below opens a two-page PDF file—the first page with species listed by family and scientific name; the second page lists species by American English name. Both pages indicate the occurrence of each species in each US state or Canadian province within the scope of the checklist. Print the page of your choice, or duplex both pages on both sides of a sheet of paper.

Feel free to link to these documents, or download and distribute without modification or financial benefit. Contact me at Jim@Bogfoot.net if you notice any errors or ommissions.
  Oregon, Washington, Idaho (PDF, 58K, last modified 26 Dec 2016)
  British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alaska (PDF, 56K, last modified 27 Dec 2016)
  Alberta, Montana, and Wyoming (PDF, 58K, last modified 27 Dec 2016)
  Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and North Dakota (PDF, 52K, last modified 27 Dec 2016)
  Nevada and Utah (PDF, 59K, last modified 27 Dec 2016)